Monday, August 3, 2015

Burn Baby Burn....

One Year Anniversary Ritual

 We had quite an adventurous week this week! Surprisingly, it started off with an exchange! I went over to Lacanto, with our District Leader, Elder LeCheminant. This wasn't a normal exchange and it happened to be a 2 day 2 night exchange!! We seriously had a blast and were able to see a lot of success in his area. The morning of District Meeting we focused primarily on finding new people to teach, and to basically not be afraid of knocking doors. Afterwords, we both decided "lets put the new knowledge to good use" and went on our knocking rampage! Seriously, like 3 hours of straight door knocking.. BUT we saw some of the largest miracles I've seen in my mission in that short of time!

First off, while knocking we were started our greeting telling them that we were missionaries. But when I took the lead, I decided to change it up, and offer a prayer when they answered. When a man answered at the first door, I asked if we could simply say a prayer with him. To our surprise, he conveyed he had a nephew just get murdered the day before and he was very uneasy about it.. The prayer invited the spirit, and he asked if we could come and talk again! THEN we also went and knocked on the house across the street. It was also a man who answered and he had lost his wallet, so we got to pray for that as well!  We decided to try another street and parked in front of a completely random house, and went and knocked on that door.  It turns out that it was the home of a less active member and he apparently wants us to come visit more often!  THEN we went to Subway and the guy who helped us out was also a less active member as well and he was SUPER awesome too! We saw so many miracles, and it's great to see the fruits coming from knocking and sweating...But we made artificial snow later on (picture included) so that makes it all better! haha jk!

Snow...Florida Style!!
Also, while on the exchange I hit my official year mark!! And apparently it's tradition to burn a proselytizing shirt. So we went to an awesome member's home, named Aaron, and did it at his place! I have attached plenty of pictures of that too! So yes. yes, it was a blast!

Look Mom!  I'm Burning Things!

My Shirt Burning Cheer Team Elder LeCheminant and Aaron
Here is a fun story. We also attended a child of record baptism, since we were in charge of filling the font. To our surprise, when we opened the curtains, a HUGE wood spider was justa chillin'.. So we had to dispose of it.. Freaking scary spider! Luckily they're harmless, but it was so large you could actually hear it as it walked!! So there is a picture of that too! 

NO this doesn't represent the true spider size.
This week we have a few baptisms coming up as well, although I'm not sure if it counts fully as our baptism. The family attends our branch, but is in the Leesburg Sisters area. So they taught them...either way, we are attending and excited for Zoey and Damien!! (Branch President's grandchildren)
Thank you for all the wonderful birthday wishes as well! I love and appreciate all of them! It was such a great birthday and definitely one to remember! I'm grateful for all the thoughts, and prayers in regards to my back. So far it doesn't seem to be improving but I'm still taking my medication and doing my stretches. Oddly enough, on exchanges we visited a "psychic" lady who is married to a less active member. She "read" me and told me exactly where the pain was and the cause of the pain. She said it wouldn't get better with time..Not saying a believe her by any means, just thought it was a fun little story! haha.

I totally spaced sharing a spiritual message last week, so I will do it now! This last week I have been on what I call the "Holland Spree". I'm basically binging on Jeffery R. Hollands talks, thoughts, and words. I have been listening, watching and reading all about what he shares! And one of the most important things I notice is he talks a lot about Hope. He says most of us feel inadequate in some way, whether it be in a situation in our life, callings, or life in general. Most of us at times feel like we aren't capable and the Lord is placing a burden larger than we think we can carry. We believe and think there is no hope for the future, for a good outcome, or that we can't learn, grow, improve and become better. We feel lost and don't know what precisely to do or that we aren't good enough... But that is the purpose of the Atonement. None of us will be perfect and God understands and doesn't expect us to be! He just wants us to be our best.. That is why His Son, Jesus Christ, came down to suffer what he did, for us. He loves us! He knows we can improve and we can be forgiven. We can carry the load in our lives IF we rely on our Savior Jesus Christ!! There truly IS hope. God hasn't left us alone, nor will he! Sincerely, ask for His guidance and help in prayer. I promise that although we feel inadequate at times, that's just when God wants us to continue to try, give it out you've got and grow. Rely on the Savior my friends because he is always by your side. It might not always seem like it, but one day, I promise you, you will look back and realize he was there for all of it!

I love you all, thank you for all you do! I hope you all have a swell week this week!

-Elder A. Olson

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