Monday, August 24, 2015

Baby Bump..........

Multi-Purpose Party Hats!
Well this week was been surprisingly awesome!!! We had a very full, eventful week actually..It started out like I mentioned in last week's email, that we kicked off the week with an almost 3 day exchange! I was in Lecanto with Elder Valora and we went out and definitely saw some miracles! We did spend quite a while knocking and approached a man laying sod down. He told us his name was Ed and we asked if we could help. He said we were welcome to come by and help him with the back yard later on in the week! He was also open to us coming back and sharing our message about Jesus Christ! 
After that, we headed to a dinner appointment and right across the street was an older man doing yard work as well. As we crossed the street, he was super happy to see us! His neighbor had hold him about us but the missionaries have never stopped and talked to him. He told us he never realized we helped with service as well as teach the gospel and was happy to have us help rake his yard. We also set up a time to see him again!

THEN towards the end of the week, we had our Leesburg Stake Conference, which was totally AWESOME!! Elder Brent H. Nielson, of the First Quorum of the Seventy, came and participated! So we had a few meetings full of great information from a awesome General Authority. We talked a lot about self worth, families, avoiding temptations, and how to continue becoming and striving to be our best! I have a few lessons from him I'd like to share. He stressed that we are agents who act, not objects who are acted upon. God created everything and we have the agency on how to act. Many people in the world feel they can do whatever they want, and they can! But to follow the Savior, the gate is straight and the road is narrow... Also he talked a lot about Mark 4, the story of Christ Calming the Tempest and how that can be applied to each of us every single day!! He said: "When we take the Savior into OUR 'vessel' (body/soul) no waters will drown us. The waves may beat upon the sides, but nothing can ultimately take you down!" I LOVE that! We MUST stand strong and have Faith. We MUST endure all we can and we MUST rely on the Lord in our troubled times to make the difference!

Also....many of you might be confused as to why my title is "Baby Bump".... Well....the transfer doctrine has come in and Elder Uber and I are BOTH staying again! BUT we will be doing a combined train of a new missionary! Then, in six weeks, Elder Uber leaves and I finish off the new missionaries training! WOOO! TRAINING!! I'm going to have a mission 'son' Hahahah! I'm pretty pumped and it's going to be such a learning opportunity! So yes...we have been joking around since we found out:) but it'll be great!


I have been taking my painkillers for my back and they seem to help for the most part. They kind of make me feel drowsy after I take them. Also, they have scheduled an X-ray (and whatever )towards the end of September for me. So we can finally get to the bottom of my back pain.  Thanks for all your prayers!!

Also, congratulations to my sister Keisha and her new husband Preston on getting married Saturday! I'm glad that I could be there in a way AHAHAH!! Love you both!

Sorry for last weeks email and how lame it was. I wasn't feeling 100%....but I love and appreciate all of you and all that you do for me! I have the best support group a missionary could ask for! I hope you all have an amazing week ahead of you! Thanks for everything. Love and miss you all!! 
-Elder A. Olson

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