Monday, August 17, 2015

Golf Cart Cruising, Flood and Fiesta Chicken Success!

Shotgun in the Golf Cart with Bro. Crawford and Elder Uber!
My name is Elder Valora and I have kidnapped Elder Olson I am sorry for your loss... But you will see him again if you live the laws of the gospel. Amen

Okay....well....I'm having troubles starting my emails today so Elder Valora started it for me!!! hahah, This week was a pretty bland week sadly but it actually FLEW by!  I can't really remember what happened...nothing too exciting I guess!

We did have a pretty successful week with members coming out with us to give lessons and all. A few of them decided that they wanted to spend all day with us visiting people! Brother Crawford, our super member missionary, came out with us on Wednesday and we went and visited all the less actives and potentials in the villages (retirement community). Which ultimately meant we got a ride in the golf cart all day long! That seriously was the coolest part of this week actually! He even let me drive for a little bit! I didn't realize that they have tunnels that go under major roads in the villages that allow you to continue on the golf cart paths. Pretty nifty!

This week we went and visited a whole bunch of less active members around our area every day and also did some more knocking! Luckily, it wasn't too humid or too hot this week...we actually had some pretty major rainstorms this week. We got stuck at one of our recent converts, Aynns' house, because of the storm. It was raining so hard that the grounds started to flood! It's was a pretty intense storm but luckily it was a pretty chill day without a lot of appointments. While their, she taught us how to make fiesta chicken. It's pretty good turned out better than I expected! You know I actually do know how to cook while I'm out here.

I did call the mission doctor on Friday and he actually didn't really say much or do much for me. He did prescribe me a painkiller that is going to have to be picked up today so we will see how that goes. He said that if it doesn't seem to be helping or improve within the next few days to give him a call and he will set up a time for someone local to give me an x-ray and possibly take further actions to help it out! It's still painful but that's all right.

We have a pretty busy week ahead of us. Tonight I will be on an exchange with Elder Valora in Lecanto again.  This will be a two day long exchange instead of one so it goes until Wednesday night.  Tuesday morning we have our typical district meeting, but President Berry will be there and we will be having our quarterly interviews! Also, coming up this week on Saturday we get the transfer doctrine. So we will then know who's leaving and who's staying! We are not really sure at this point because Elder Uber only has one transfer left, but he's also been here six months already! So we think either he is leaving, or we are staying together another transfer. News to come!

Lately I've been thinking about all the privileges we have of living at this time. We have the privilege to pray to our Heavenly Father. Effective prayer requires great effort and serious thought to the attitude and words you use. We have the privilege to have Him answer our prayers. He WILL answer if you follow what Preach My Gospel says on page 91 about PRAYING with FAITH. Also I wanted to briefly mention CHARITY and how we should continue growing in that Christlike attribute!!
We were given a prime example of perfect love to lead us, a Savior who came down and on His own will and gave Himself for you and me. He knew trials and tribulations would arise in our lives, and lifted the burden of sin and death from our lives! He wants us to be like Him. He has readily given us so much all because of one simple fact. That HE loves us!

I hope you all have a wonderful week!  I love you all!

-Elder A. Olson
District P-Day Games!!

Mom asked what I eat at home....Here you go!!

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