Monday, August 10, 2015

"Are We Humid Or Are We Dancers"

I guess we all have our average weeks, and it seems this week was one of them! This week was primarily just full of finding and teaching!! We were running a little slim on our teaching pool and so we decided to endure the heat, sweat a little and go knock some doors! Nothing too crazy or exciting happened with that, but we went and visited one of our members who is currently in hospice. We wanted to see how he was doing, how his health was holding up and if he needed anything.  While there, we met his son, who recently moved back in, and his son's girlfriend, who is living with them. After the closing prayer, the girlfriend pulled us aside and asked if she could learn the lessons! She felt that since the family are all members, she might as well learn what it's all about. But oddly enough, she wants to keep it from the family, so they don't pressure her into anything. We totally respect that actually, and this way she can find out for herself about the restored gospel. So that was an awesome experience!

Also, the Branch President's grandchildren, Zoey and Damien had their baptism Friday! It was awesome and with the largest group I've seen attend a baptism out here! We filled the room with easily 55+ people! It was such a good baptism and the Spirit was super strong. You could literally see the peace in Zoey afterwords! It was such a cool experience. I'm so glad they made that huge step which is a gateway into so many more blessings offered in our lives! And I'm thankful we have and hold that proper Priesthood Authority, once again, restored to the Earth so that we can continue growing closer to our Father in Heaven!

This week has been unusually HUMID!! BLAHH! But no worries, I will survive!! Hope the nice cool states are enjoying themselves! Well...the nice, not humid states... 

Again I appreciate all the kind thoughts, letters, packages, etc. sent and given for my Birthday and Year-Mark! It was very humbling to see how many people care! And I am happy you all have been placed in my life. Thank you so much for all you do for me! As for the status on the back, I did have a few days with minimal pain. I'm still taking anti-inflammatory medication, but more of them than before. hahah! It's still bothersome enough that this coming Friday I will most likely be calling the Mission Dr. to schedule a time that I can go in for another checkup/X-ray...So I do appreciate all the prayers in behalf of that! There has definitely been a difference and I can tell! Sorry that there isn't much to this email. Like I said, it's been a pretty average week with not much happening! Just same ol' stuff basically. 

BUT, before ending I would like to share something, I read in a General Conference talk given back in the 80s that I believe is from President Monson. He talks about a friend of his, who left an impression on a young man back in his mission. After many years they unexpectedly reunited at a General Conference! It just makes me think of how much of an impression we too can leave on someone. 

I found this section of that are short videos intended for Social Media, and I encourage you to share some of these (or other) uplifting videos.

Because you never know what impression it could have. So I'd like to
link a couple!

I love this video because it reminds us that we need to continue to work on those small things in our lives that help us.  We need to continue to pray, read the scriptures, make our Sabbath what it needs to be, and rely on our Savior! Also I found some pretty cool pictures there as well! I love and miss you all, and hope you have an amazing week! Thank you for everything!!

-Elder A. Olson

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