Monday, June 1, 2015

Transfers, Fences, Hurricane Season and Elder Perry

Our District Missionaries

Well well well... it looks like my time in Ocoee has sadly come to an end.  And it always seems that you get transferred when you actually start wanting to stay!! Lately things have just been going really well in the area! With the investigators, members...everything really! But it all has to come to an end at some point, however, it's still just crazy to think that I've been here for six months now! I'm needed somewhere else It seems! I'm hoping and praying it's somewhere awesome like on the coast and with a legit companion too. haha!

But week six ended up being a VERY busy one! We have a member we do service for once a week, and the fence between her house and her non-member neighbor fell over because the post rotted. So we re posted the fence and fixed it up the best we could. It was basically a two day long service project. It took a LONG time but we connected with the neighbor and he said we could come by! So that's a pretty sweet miracle! (Although my neck got way sunburned!)

Also, I found out that June 1st is a pretty significant day for Floridians. June 1st is the official beginning day of Hurricane Season!!! So that's what all of our trainings and church meetings have been on....preparation just in case! It's pretty crazy though. The rain storms lately have been pretty bad, luckily there haven't been that many. It's just been extremely hot and humid recently!

Anyway, it's been a pretty awesome week with Enoc coming back to church and our ward again! He had an interview and was given a blessing by President Berry, and that was such a huge thing. His perspective changed after that and he knew he had to come back and try his hardest. So now he's planning on working towards the temple and also getting a church calling! Keep him in your prayers!

And you probably already know that Elder Perry has passed away. He was an amazing man that truly helped change the world! Sad that he is gone?..Yes. But now he is back with those people he has been teaching and strengthening our faith over! He now is in peace, comfort, pain free, and with his Savior and Father in Heaven!!

It's definitely going to be hard to leave the hood. I never thought I'd actually say that, but I will miss it! I hope everything back home is going great and you all are having a good time! Thanks for everything! I pray for you and am always appreciative of you guys! I love and miss you all!

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