Monday, June 8, 2015

I'm a Little Bit Country, a Pet Undertaker and Auto Mechanic....well almost;)

Elders from the Ocoee District

Elders from the Ocoee District
Well...the day has come to let you know where I am and who I'm with!  I'm kinda sad that I left Ocoee, and let's just say I was moved to the complete opposite of what Pine Hills (Crime Hills) is.  You better believe it, I'm in the country! I transferred to a little town called Sumterville!! Literally, it's only half a mile wide BUT technically I have the largest area in the mission. We cover LOTS of towns, so much so that we are FULL CAR!! It takes about 45mins-1hr to drive from one side of it to the other. I'll be attaching a picture that describes it perfectly. And I think the craziest part of it all, being here is that I'm serving in a branch! The congregation seriously has like 55 people that come and the average age is around 70. But this area is pretty sweet! It's just so calm and easy and we are teaching some pretty awesome people. Basically, geographically I'm as close to Orlando as I am to Tampa, Florida hahaha!

I'm in the Country!!

Being here has already been pretty adventurous! On my second day here, we had a member call us and ask if we could bury her pet dog.. So that was different. And a few nights ago we were on our way back from a dinner appointment with and older member, when his front tire totally exploded!!! It was sketchy, but neither the member nor my companion (who I will get to in a second) knew how to change it! Luckily, I got the job done and then a county sheriff came with a flashlight to help out! WOO!! So that was exciting too I guess..

Now onto the companion...bum bum buummm! His named Elder Uber!! I actually served in the same district with him on my first 2 transfers in Ocoee, so I know him very well already!:) It's so cool! He's from Pennsylvania and is a big boy. hahahaha. The hard part about this area is everyone loved the last Elder here, so I have to "live up to his legacy" from what I've been told...but yup!! Good times!

Other an that, nothing too crazy going on and I am just trying to survive the heat...luckily having a car is pretty nice.  Oh and I forgot to mention that I don't even have an apartment. We live in a little old Antique Shop that's been converted into a house! So that's kind of different!  

Home Sweet Home in Sumpterville, FL

Anyway..thank you for everything! I hope you all had and will have an amazing week. I love and miss you!

-Elder A. Olson

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