Monday, June 15, 2015

Chicken Chase, Country Living, The Villages and Priesthood!

Elder Olson...AKA Chicken Whisperer!

Well it has been pretty calm here and crazy to think that we are starting week three of this transfer already! I guess spending 18 weeks with the same companion definitely made the weeks slow down. It felt like one giant transfer! 
We are still rolling along and we have been doing really well! We have a baptism for this Saturday actually and it's for our investigator Aynn! She is really cool and loves us! She lives in a magical place I forgot to mention last week. Ok it's not magical, but it's still crazy!It's called "The Villages" it's the northern most part of my area, and it's one of the largest retirement communities in the world!!! We only cover a tiny portion of it, but all the houses look the same, and are very pricey. They have their own grocery stores, restaurants, theaters, and at least 50+ golf courses inside of it. Everyone drives golf carts instead of cars, and they get their own road. It's so large it is it's own city!!!! Crazy right?!

Alright...enough freaking out over that.. Haha! All in all it has been a pretty successful week with good lessons, 3 new gators, and the announcement that the annexation of the new church building has been cleared! Now we just wait for a city hearing and we can start the building process! They said it might end up being a stake center..but either way, this branch is growing and will become a ward!! WOO HOO!

Anyway, this week has been full of great things! And there were lots of small things that have truly stuck out to me! For some reason, everything seemed to be centered around the Priesthood this week!! Last Monday I went to Lecanto on an exchange, and we visited a VERY gospel smart member. He was awesome and gave us sweet advice, saying as missionaries we are called to do such a special work, that no one else is set apart to do, not even him! That if the church wasn't true it would have been gone by now letting young men and women go out and do what we do!Then I gave a blessing this week to an older member of our branch, and I felt like the Spirit absolutely guided and conveyed what was needed. I had a dream that night about a friend asking for a blessing/talking about them..THEN Sunday's talks were all about priesthood authority! SO COOL! It's just been awesome and a pretty uplifting week...I really needed it.  I've been depressed since I've come to Sumterville for some reason! Still got some more progress though..

I've been enjoying it here though for the most part and the people are great! We went to a members house and had to help catch their chickens!! It was a BLAST! So that was like...totally awesome haha! 


Anyway...It's a busy week ahead of us, preparing for this baptism and working with lots of new people. Hopefully we will be setting another baptismal date tonight with our investigator Linda. We will see how that goes! 
Thanks for everything, I miss and love you guys so much! I am so grateful that I've been called to serve and I never imagined how much my life would change because of it! I'm also very grateful for our Savior and how progression wouldn't be possible without him! He know what we feel and he knows what we need! Thanks for all the awesome Payson Temple pictures! I hope you truly enjoy having the Lords house, so magnificent and beautiful, so close! I pray you all have a fantastic week! Love you guys!

-Elder A. Olson

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