Monday, June 29, 2015

New Investi "Gators", Branch Missionary Work, WaWa and Blessings!

We had quite the busy week this week, (although I look back now and can't remember anything too fun that happened) lets just say it was full of lessons and more lessons! Like literally..we were really close to 30 this week! was awesome! So Linda C., who we have our baptismal date set with for the 18th, is progressing VERY well! She is super excited and is now making some friends in the Branch! AND now her son is sitting in on the lessons!! YES!!

This branch is the best though and the members are pretty amazing missionaries! They're definitely helping us find new people to teach, because sadly they are dwindling... BUT the branch president is letting us teach his granddaughter after a long time.  Along with that, the Crawfords (who I mentioned in my last email as the amazing branch members) want us to give them missionary materials so they can go around and hand them out to people they talk to while they golf and stuff!

Once again we went to Orlando this week! Exactly a week from last week's trip.  We got a call saying we had to drive down and get the registration for our car, because they couldn't mail it in time. So we went and stopped by to see a few people while in Orlando/Ocoee. But not too many people were home sadly.. It was crazy to be back in the city again! And while we were there we stopped at a gas station named Wawa...BEST PLACE EVER! Seriously, they make delicious sandwiches! Why can't Utah have em?!

Also, I attached a picture (or a few) of me teaching our new 'Gators'... They were very receptive to the message that we had to share, and who knows? Maybe we can bring em to church! But no...we ended up stopping by a little store that one of our investigators work at and found these alligators! We might as well have some fun huh? I really wanted to hold the baby alligators but they don't let you. They just look so nice and friendly, how can they be so mean!? Now big ol' 13.5 foot George here. That's a monster!

It was pretty awesome though this week and we are able to give many blessings in this area. No joke, we've given like 5 this week! It's amazing to see how they truly work and how as we rely on our faith. And the person receiving the blessing does as well.  They have faith that what they're in need of will be provided. Heavenly Father wants to help out.  He wants to provide the means by which the burden will be taken away from you.  I can promise that the Priesthood has been restored back onto the earth. It was given to the prophet Joseph Smith, and has been passed down since! I've seen it work miracles in people's lives. For example, from this week, I've seen it calm a overly rambunctious child, and I've seen it help painful feelings from one of our recent converts go away right after the blessing. I can also promise that as you seek a Priesthood Blessing, from someone holding that proper authority, asking in faith, and believing in the power that it contains, everything will work out in the end. And your Father in Heaven will provide what he sees fit for YOU!

Thanks for everything everyone!  I'm very appreciative of what you guys do for me, and my loved ones! I'm grateful for all the thoughts and prayers. I'm happy that you somehow are placed in my life! I hope you all have a swell week ahead of you! Love and miss you all! Thanks again!

-Elder A. Olson

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