Monday, July 6, 2015

Week SIX, More Lessons, Holiday party and District P-Day!

Exhausted in my patriotic socks!

Florida rain after the heat

Another Alligator!!
Thankful for a car in this heat!
Oh man!!  This transfer has been flying by! To think that week 6 is here and we find out about transfers this Saturday!.. Whew... But this one was a pretty sweet week! Once again, we were able have another successful week and taught 26 lessons! The rest of the week was pretty much spent in preparation for Saturday the 4th.  We had a huge party with the entire Branch plus some others! We had the assignment to prepare the little barn that it was being held in, and get all the decorations and tables set up. There was a good turn out and we even had new people come! Also afterwards, we were told where the "good fireworks" would be, so that was awesome! My companion and I traveled a little way with the Belleview Elders, who basically spent that entire day with us. It was a total PARTY! It was FULL of people, literally like hundreds of people.

It's been a successful week with our investigators.  Linda, who is progressing very well, is still set for her baptism on the 18th! We also picked up Damian and Zoey, a 9 and 17 year old who are related to our branch president. They've actually been attending the Branch for over a year now, and have decided they are ready to be baptized!! So we are going to start working with them and get them ready! (Although they already are..)

Oh also...sorry this email is being sent so late in the day. We had district P-day today and so we went to a senior couples house and played volleyball, mini golf and had a barbecue. (and other fun stuff like that).  So it's been a pretty exhausting day with so much volleyball on such a hot day. But oddly enough, it is a total downpour right now. haha! Oh, while I was at the P-day activity, I saw a 5+ foot gator sitting on a log! It was awesome! If only we could get was still like 40 feet away!

Anyway, sorry this is such a boring email. I am struggling today. haha! Actually this entire week! But I love and appreciate all that you guys do! I hope that you have a great week ahead of you! I am consistently praying for you all! I love and miss you!

-Elder A. Olson

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