Monday, May 25, 2015

Smoked Pig, Thank You Notes and Memorial Day

We met the real Wendy while getting a free Frosty on Customer Appreciation Day!
For the most part, this has been a pretty average week.  It started off with our weekly Temple Service and then on Wednesday, President & Sister Berry came to our district meeting (small meeting consisting of about 10 missionaries only) and I had to give one of the training sessions in front of them! It was a huge surprise but they both loved it! It was nice to have them there, so that they can help us be better.  They came up after and told me they really enjoyed it!! WOO! 

Also, this week, we got to go to a graduation party for some twins in our Ward. And they are Samoan and so the party was HUGE!! They reserved the gym and like 200 people came! They had a whole smoked pig, Samoan catering and entertainment. I literally gained like 10 pounds that night, and then they made us take leftovers. So that was a pretty good ending to this week....parties! 
Smoked Pig!!
 Also, starting this transfer, I've been giving "Thank You" notes to all those families who feed us during the week. It's been helping to strengthen the relationships between members and missionaries.Now they are starting to trust us more, they invite us over more and are happier around us. For some it just makes their day. Sister Borkus told me she is keeping the Thank You notes as memory! Some members have even given us referrals or less actives to go see. I love it! 

Also, I'd like to wish you all Happy Memorial Day! Although it may not always seem happy, that's the beauty of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Plan of Salvation. We have the knowledge of the sacrifice of our Savior. And what that allows US to do and have. We know that death is NEVER the end. We are able to and will see our friends and family again, not in this life, but the next, when there will be no worries, no pain and everything will be perfect! So although the time they are gone might seem long and hard to bare, our Savior knows how we feel and he knows how to comfort us. That's why the Plan of Salvation is so amazing!  It allows us to be able to live with those you love, friends, family, and spouse again! Wonderful Right?

Anyway, we just planned for the last week of this transfer and are nearing the end! I still don't know what's going down, but we will find out Saturday!! 
I hope you all have a wonderful and amazing week this week! Thanks for everything you do! I love and miss you all! Thanks Again!

P.S this is a pic of a restaurant called graffiti junction! AWESOME! It's so far away though..not even in our zone! And I got a new haircut!! 

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