Monday, May 18, 2015

Haitian Celebration, Roof Top Service, New Investigators and Cops!

My Roofing Shirt May Need to Be Washed.

This was a pretty sweet week!! Today is Haitian Flag Day!! It's their Independence Day and we were invited to so many parties tonight! But we aren't allowed to go, obviously! haha! Anyway...random!

We just started week five so there is not much longer in this transfer! We did a LOT of service this week. We have been working on the roof of the Bell family basically ever day this week! We started early this week with scrapping and removing everything that was piled up on it, including two fully grown Cactus...ON THE ROOF!!!!  We continued to go over in the mornings and remove all of the shingles and the rotted wood, and replace them with new ones! Now we finished up with putting the new shingles on the roof and got them all nailed in and in place!! It was great to be able to help them out!

We were able to pick up two more investigators and they are way sweet!! Their names are Blessing and Aca and they seriously are total blessings! hahaha! We met them on a surprise visit, when we tried to knock on a less active members home but instead they answered! SWEET!!! We also tried to knock on another less active members house, unfortunately, a very grumpy old man answered and said he had called the cops and they were apparently "on their way." So that was a little crazy and exciting! We ended up sticking around the area just to see if they would come....They never came haha!

I've been having some small health problems this week as well, but everything seems to be fine now. I had exchanges this week with our district leader, Elder Pututau. Except, I wasn't feeling the best that day, so sadly, not much happened. Other than that, there have just been the normal lessons and such this week! Sorry there's not much new, just struggling in this heat! It's been in the high 90's with high humidity! KILLER!!!!

Sorry this is short.. Nothing too crazy going on here!! I love and miss all of you guys! Thanks for everything! Hope everything in your lives are going GREAT! Thanks again for all you do!

-Elder A. Olson

Our Mission Car....just teasing!

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