Monday, May 11, 2015

Mission Conference, Baptism and Family Skype!

Ocoee Missionaries
This week was quite a wonderful one!! It started off pretty slow with a Mission Conference that took almost all of Tuesday.  Elder Clarke, of the Seventy, stuck around after the stake conference for it, so that was awesome! He helped us as missionaries learn better ways to improve our missionary efforts and how we should go about doing it.One thing that stuck in my mind is "Apathy is overcome by the Spirit" which is true. Conversion and guidance can only come from the promptings received by the Holy Ghost. It is vital for us!!!

We also were able to hold a baptism this week for Desiree!! She was SUPER excited and is progressing so well! She is actually going to the temple to go do baptisms for the dead Tuesday with the Ward, so that's super quick and exciting!  The bishop like's her so much  and she is also giving a talk in Sacrament meeting in the next couple weeks as well. Desiree is a trouper though.. She has been getting verbally attacked by her peers for joining, but she just always has a smile and says she's been attending churches for a long time. She knows what she feels. She knows it's right, and no one can change that!!!
Desiree on her Baptism Day
 And with that, yesterday we were able to Skype our families for Mothers Day!!I would like to wish all of you a Happy Mother's Day although it's late. People just don't comprehend the importance of the women in our lives! They are special and our Father in Heaven has given them the ability to always show compassion, love, and care for others they may not know as well as other important roles in our lives! I'm thankful for all of you! 

It was great to see all of my family there and talk with them as well as an amazing friend of mine! I'm grateful for all of you and your sacrifices! I'm glad to see and hear that everything is going well back home, with my family, and others that may have not been there in person. Thank you for all that you do, especially in helping to make my mission successful, and rewarding! I love and appreciate all you guys do!

Sadly, there wasn't much else that happened...those of course we're the highlights of my week!!
I did find another new solid investigator named Clodine that's rad! Thanks for everything again! I love and miss you all! 
Talk to you later,
-Elder A. Olson

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