Monday, March 23, 2015

Long Meetings, Service Projects and Cockroach Pizza!

I finally met Orlando Mickey!....Well the sign anyway.

This sign concludes my trip to Disney World:)

Well the new IPads are a success!  Well, except for the fact that almost ALL of my pictures I emailed to myself to keep didn’t transfer ... And all my Mormon message videos and such are gone, but it does run SOO much better! That training meeting was quite possibly one of the longest meetings of my life and lasted from 7:30am-6:30pm! It was pretty awesome though! And with the new iPad, we got some cool new tools we can use, including apps like iMessage, FaceTime and Yahoo Weather.  It’s all pretty nifty!

Other than that meeting, this week was full of many more meetings! But with it all, we were able to pick up some pretty cool people to teach! The owner of the store in JMart, where I got my "Real Men Love Jesus" shirt from, said she wanted to learn more about the LDS church! Her mother was a member before she passed away. And her sister currently is a member. So she decided to skip her church and come to our yesterday. She wasn't too thrilled about the screaming kids we happened to have yesterday, but overall enjoyed it!

We were given the opportunity to go do service for an elementary school not too far from our area. We went and helped them move EVERYTHING out of the school library out so they can re-do it! This school is particularly special. Our Stake holds a food drive every Sunday, where (if you're able) you bring two cans of food and donate it. The reason for this is that 80%+ of the kids in this school are being raised in a family that financially falls under the state poverty line. So these students are receiving free breakfast and lunch given by the school and all that donated food goes to these families to eat during the weekends!! It was a pretty special opportunity and we had a blast!   I'm grateful we were able to go and do that!

We also had the opportunity to do service for a less active lady in the ward.   Let’s just say she has a lot of stuff!  Anyway, we helped fix her fence so the HOA wouldn't threaten to kick her out of her home. So that was a pretty neat experience. You know the weirdest part of it all?  Well that was the pizza that had cockroaches baked into it. Yum... Service filled week for sure!

It's just been a pretty crazy week for missionary bashing.  They start it up when we contact them or they will come and talk with us first.  Either way, there have been a lot of negative people trying to make us look, and feel like we're lost or wanting to confuse us  and make us look like we don't know what we are even doing! I think it's hilarious to see people like that. We had a man come up and ask us this question "What do you know, about what you need to know, about what there is to know?"  There was no purpose for even talking with us! It can be funny, but it's also discouraging at times as you walk away. Some people just feel like they need to outsmart us or do what they can to discourage us. But always as I walk away I think of a General Conference talk given by Elder Holland in 1999, which is possibly one of my favorite talks. I just think to myself
"Don’t give up! Don’t you quit! You keep walking! You keep trying! It will be all right. Trust in God and believe in good things to come."

Thanks for all the love and support!! I'm so grateful for everything that has been given me, all the prayers, letters, and thoughts! It certainly makes those rough spots that occur more humbling when I recognize the blessings all around me! I pray for you all and I hope you have an amazing week this week! I love and miss you all! Thanks for everything!

Elder A. Olson 

This would be me after that LOOOONG meeting!

I like turtles!...he is super tiny.

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