Monday, March 2, 2015

7 Months Down, Last Week of Transfer, and Thought for The Week.


This week kind of felt at times like it would never end!! I think it was because we had such a messed up schedule, with all of our days shifted one day later. So we had P-day on Tuesday, and the following days were filled with a lot more meetings, temples service, etc. But I have to say that it wasn't the worst week. 

 It was a little on the unusual side, but we're also able to see quite a few little miracles! We tried visiting a less active family in the ward who has stopped attending church for about the past six months. Come to find out, they are WAY cool and absolutely LOVE missionaries!!! It's always nice to interact with people like that, who sincerely appreciate missionary work and the missionaries! Sometimes I feel we might be taken for granted hahah! But they are awesome and asked if they could feed us this week as well!! I'm hoping that schedules change for them so they can attend again! 

We had a pretty crazy experience this week though.  Our ward mission leader came out on exchanges with us earlier this week. He just got back from his mission in Japan. When we tried to go visit a potential investigator (that we first met on the side of the road) she was not at home, however, her sister answered the door and she is a member of another church. The church she is a member of is one that we missionaries get confused with being a part of A LOT!  Anyway, she wanted to "ask us a few questions" which turned out into an awkward bash type conversation.  She questioned everything we said, hoping we wouldn't have anything to back up our beliefs! Quote the experience haha!

All in all it was just a pretty average week of missionary work....just a day late on everything.  This is the last full week of the transfer and this Saturday we get the call letting us know what the plan is for the upcoming transfer! YAY!

I've found some pretty awesome quotes/pictures that I have attached with this email.  I've truly noticed that no matter what happens in this life, all those difficult times that arise in our lives, although they may be difficult and trying, they are all placed in our lives to help us grow. Christ is by our side at all times! Helping us push through the rough times! He knows what we need. He knows how to help. Turn to your Father in Heaven, not only when you need Him, but always! If you're struggling and need help, stay on your knees, continue asking for strength and for the help you need. Then get on your feet and continue moving forward!

I'm great full for all the prayers, letters, thoughts or whatever it may be!! You guys are absolutely the best EVER! I miss and love you all very much! Have an awesome week!

- Elder A. Olson

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