Monday, March 9, 2015

Transfers....or Not, Apartment Decor, Exploring Orlando and Prayer.

Sending Love from Florida!

Oh boy!   We survived week six of the transfer!  Although it is ALWAYS a hard one, we got some work done and actually found a new investigator while Elder Peacock and I were on exchanges.  So that was a big blessing!!  But anyway, this transfer is almost officially OVER!  Yes, it ends today!  Well the verdict is……….

Elder Walker and I will be staying together in Ocoee for at least one more transfer!....So Yup!....Nuff’ said. Haha!
We had some pretty cool things go down his week.  A young man the other Ocoee Elders were teaching was able to get baptized on Saturday! And today I was able to go out and explore a little bit more of Orlando area, specifically the touristy areas! We saw Universal Studios and all the different shops and restaurants around that! It is a VERY nice area down there.  So that was pretty fun to go out and see!

Also, we will be receiving our own iPads to use on the mission soon. With that, we will be receiving extra training for Internet Proselyting!  And we will be learning how we can better use Facebook for our missions.  So for everyone's information, if you follow my missionary Facebook account, I will not be using it for the next 2 months probably. Thanks for understanding!

This week I totally put up thumb tacks in our apartments living room wall so it could hold up my iPad.  This makes it so that we can watch General Conference talks on our tiny TV. I don't know why I told that story. It was totally just like one of the highlights of my week haha!

Just a little redecorating!!
Other than those few little things, nothing much new is happening. It's been a slow week! So let's hope that things will pick up with this new transfer! 

This week we had a training session ALL about prayer. I know I've talked about it multiple times here, but it's so hard to grasp just how important it is.  But there is one thing that stood out to me this time and basically it is this. "Pray as if nothing is going to happen UNLESS you pray!!"  Continue turning to your Heavenly Father!  Talk to Him! He wants to hear from you! So do as that quote says, pray as if nothing will happen unless you ask Him!

Thanks for all the love and support! You guys mean so much to me! I'm grateful for everything! I hope and pray you all have an AMAZING week!

Love and miss you all!

-Elder Alex Olson

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