Saturday, February 28, 2015

MIssion Conference, New Investigators and Barber Mishaps

Mission Conference Elders

Elder Armijo, Elder Davis and Me

 First off, this is kind of weird emailing in a Tuesday!  However, the Mission Conference we held yesterday was AWESOME!  They basically talked about proselyting in the new age and how different it has become over time, and of course the new tools we are privileged to use! They announced that we will be getting our new iPads in the next few weeks, but we are going to be doing many training courses, seminars, etc. about working online and Facebook Proselyting.

Also, we had a member of the Quorum of the Seventy come and speak at it. Elder Zwick came and gave us some GREAT advice!

"None is immune or exempt to the spiritual battles life throws at us. We are all given the opportunity to fail, but we must all stand tall, push through the best you can and give it your all."
-Elder Zwick

At the mission conference I was able to see and kind of hang with some of my previous companions! It was awesome to be able to see and talk with them again, see how their new areas and new companions are and so on! Elder Cotton is still in DeLand so I was able to catch up on all that has been happening over there. I was sad to hear that some people haven't been coming as regularly as they had been.  Yet there are others who are getting callings, and overall progressing!!! I sure miss my old companions.

We were able to pick up a few new investigators this week, and will start working with them soon! We also had the Stake Baptism day.  Jessica decided she wanted me to baptize her. She had a interview with a member of our mission presidency and they both decided she should wait a little longer to make sure she is fully ready.  We know what we need to do to get her to that point and are going to continue to keep helping her the best we can!

Not much new for is week, except for it has been extremely cold surprisingly. We were probably in the low 30's for a few of the mornings this week, so that has been nice and quite interesting! I will admit though, It was pretty chilly. hahah! But now it's starting to warm up, and sort of get into the rainy season! 

So sorry about the lame email! It hasn't been that interesting. But I will leave you with a quote and message from Elder Zwick:

"Make your heart your filter.  If you can't get that now, you will never go anywhere. And never reach the full potential your Father in heaven has in store for you and wants you to achieve."

This world is filled with things everyone doesn't agree on. Drama seems to be everywhere, and it's always been an ever changing world and will continue to be! Some things will get better. Some things will get worse! As long as we stay true to the teachings we have learned and follow them the best that we can. Your Father in Heaven is going to provide. He will make sure everything works out how it's best for you. You will achieve much more! It might not be easy, but it's worth it.

I love and miss you all so much! Have an AMAZING week everyone! Keep up the great work! And again...sorry this email is a day later than usual! 

-Elder Alex Olson.

P.S.  I got a haircut from a barber I believe was totally's called the radical laser part.....haha.

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