Monday, September 1, 2014

Gatorade, Owen the Squirrel, Subway and thoughts on Prayer.


Well this week was just out of control and it seems like we didn't get as much done as we normally do....but we got some good contacts at least! This could be due to the fact we only had like 3 days to actually do anything this week. We had so many meetings and service projects going on we didn't have time for lessons....bummer..

This week was also FULL of its ups and downs. I did get my iPad. It's definitely different to get used to, but extremely helpful! Owen, the Elders pet baby squirrel has now passed on. But through the Plan of Salvation we know we can see the little guy again!! HAHA.. Just Kidding!!:)

We had exchanges with the other is a little story to go along with that. A man contacted us on the streets. As we stopped to talk to him he asked for a revised 2013 Holy Bible. After talking to him a bit, we handed him a Book Of Mormom.... He got upset. Then he continued asking us why our first names were "Elder" and thought we were twins, We explained that it is just a title. And asked what his name was. He saw the Gatorade on my bike and responded with "Gatorade"..then rode off on his bike yelling bad words at us. That was basically how my week went.... It was rough!

As of the 30th of July I have been out 1 month!! 23 to go..There are days here when you just get really homesick and that's all you can seem to think about. its definitely hard, but that's how it goes. I felt good Saturday. probably cause a member took us to Subway and I heard some AWESOME music like. Mumford & Sons, Bastille, and The Killers!!! YES!!! 

I don't have much to say this week was a long and slightly boring week. so I'll share this little message I thought of in daily reading this morning.

Matthew 7:8 says "For every one that asketh receiveth; He that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened." As I read that to myself, I asked myself, if I was doing those things in my life. I know I've only been out a month, but I have seen the miracles of what this gospel has brought to so many different types of people! No matter what situation they are in, the Gospel completely turns their lives around! I just hope we are asking, I hope we are all seeking, and most importantly I hope we are knocking on that door that leads us to Him. So it will be opened to us. It can change lives no matter where we stand. 

I want you all to know that prayer is amazing. Being on a mission your prayers change so much. It takes me about 15 minutes and they are very specific. I pray for specific individuals and their specific needs. I pray for YOU! my friends and family back home, one by one. I love and appreciate all that you guys have done for me, and all the prayers!
Love and miss you all! -Elder Olson

(Picture from the MTC and on my flight to Florida)

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