Monday, September 22, 2014

Weirdest Week Yet! Sick Days, Beach Wedding, Travel Tip and New Stake President!

Wow..this week!  I don't even know how to describe it!! Maybe the weirdest week I've had so far. It’s been both rewarding and exhausting. Half of Thursday, all Friday and most of Saturday were sick days for my companion and I! I was only down Friday. So we were stuck in the apartment. And yet I couldn't even catch up on sleep. I was too busy planning our whole week and preparing lessons while he slept. That’s my life as a trainee right there! We had a ward member bring us lots of soup and Gatorade though (because she's cool like that)!  But other than that those were the longest days ever. I would rather be out teaching!

Transfers came in yesterday and I'm still in DeLand with Elder Cooper. I'm excited about staying, but can't wait to be done with training. I'm sick of all this country music my companion listens to. It just bums me out cause it's boring and isn't mood up-lifting. Only 6 weeks left. BUT on the bright side of things, the beach wedding was AWESOME!!  It rained for like 5 minutes, but was great after that and was pretty nice. Also our newest investigator, Priya (Stetson college student), basically set her own baptismal date!! She is THAT pumped! It’s on October 11th!  Jesse was released from the hospital and is recovering and is doing a little better so thank up for all the prayers:) We also had exchanges this week with the Zone Leaders and I stayed in DeLand with Elder Peacock who is AWESOME!!  We went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner that night and someone paid for our food!!! YAY!! It was sweet! We don't know who though.

This part of my email is a tip for vacationers coming to Florida...Just kidding, but it seriously is something I've learned here. The water is ALWAYS warm when you want it cold. And the hot water is like lava….NEVER cold water!!  Sorry, I just thought I'd throw that in haha! We had stake conference this week and our new stake president is AMAZING! A professor at Stetson College we talked to for like an hour on campus one day. He's in the DeLand 1st ward, but still, I'm excited to have him in! It was crazy though because the whole stake meets in one chapel unlike Utah that usually has like 2+! 

Here is possibly one of my new favorite scriptures-D&C 64:33 "Wherefore, be not weary in well-doing, for ye are laying the foundation of a great work. And out of small things proceedeth that which is great." That just really rings true to missionary work.  I can just feel the power and responsibility I have for being here. I know I was called to serve for a reason and I'm happy to say I'm getting the hang of it! It just takes a while to adjust. Although I'm by no means the best teacher, I know that what I do have to offer is a bright spirit and just overall my absolute best. I'm helping lay that foundation to bring it to others lives. I've witnessed how it works and know that the better I become the stronger that foundation will be. It's through those small and simple things I'm doing now that help build that up!! 

I love you all and appreciate all that has been done for me! I wouldn't be out here if it wasn't for all the help I've received over my life! I thank you for all the many prayers, love and support that has been given while I'm away! I love and miss you all!

-Elder Olson

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