Monday, August 25, 2014

Baptism, Ward Members, Squirrel and Ipad!!

First Mission Baptism

Hey from Florida!! Things are so crazy out here and so much amazing things are happening!! This might be weird but I’m going to start off with a story/testimony. This man was having a rough life. He’s in his 70's and doesn’t have close family. He’s been a hard core drug and drinking problem and on this one day his life just wasn’t going how he wanted.. He found out his daughter was homeless in California. He was one phone call away from getting some drugs to "take his worries away" right as he decided to call up and get them his friend called him and invited him to come listen to the missionaries at her house with her. This started something in his mind and heart and he invited the DeLand missionaries over to his place! He read the Book of Mormon in 3 days and said the desire to take his life was gone now!! That man was Jim and he was my first Investigator baptism!! His testimony is so amazing and I’m so proud of him! Thanks for the prayers for him and for me;)

The ward members here are so amazing, it is quite small and there are many who are quite poor but their testimonies are so great and they love the missionaries!! Brother R. in the ward also gave the 2 new DeLand missionaries a book called "BOM made easier" it’s a awesome book..I was SOO thankful! It’s amazing and so is his family!

Families here are so different though. EVERYONE can be a different religion in the family, it doesn’t seem to function well..but I’ve met those families! There are SOOO many different religions around here it’s definitely not Utah hahah! Also speaking of Florida, we get crazy lightning storms and it downpours everyday for about 30 mins. Then the rain stops and it’s about 108 degrees outside. bleh.

On exchanges with the other elders we found an injured baby squirrel and took care of it. His name is now Owen;) hahah.  I have pictures and stuff, which also reminds me, I will try and send them out this week from my camera. I GET MY IPAD FRIDAY!! YAY! 

Anyway, I’m in a hurry. Sorry if I’m leaving some stuff out! I’ll make sure to email more again next Monday!! I LOVE YOU ALL!! Thanks for all the prayers and support!  Jim and Jessi are done basically BUT Trina could use a little help.  Please keep her in your prayers!  Thanks again for everything!  LOVE YOU ALL!!

-Elder Olson

Sick Squirrel Owen

Sick Owen..we are helping him

Me and Elder Cooper

DeLand Zone

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