Tuesday, August 19, 2014

DeLand, Florida, Crazy Weather and First Baptism!

Sorry I wasn’t able to email you yesterday! Normally my p-day is on Monday, but had zone conference so that moved it to today! BLEH!! But yes! So far it’s actually been very awesome! I do still miss home, family, friends, concerts and all of that stuff but I’m having a pretty good time out here so far. It’s weird getting used to things and been really stressful BUT I know that it’s a good thing to be out here. And I've already seen and got to do SOO much! I’m serving in a pretty sweet town called DeLand with Stetson College like 4 blocks away from us. So we're teaching a lot of old and young people!! DeLand is so cool though. My companion Elder Cooper is pretty cool too. We're somewhat opposites in some ways, but we get a long and he is a great guy and trainer.

Florida is soooo so weird. Weather is CRAZY. The rain comes down SO hard for about an hour a day and then it’s just killer hot and humid after that. The ward members and our investigators can tell I’m new, because I’m still "shiny" from getting used to the humidity. But the people here are just amazing. They are all so nice and love the missionaries! (mostly) If the people don’t care what you're talking about when you approach them on the street. They’ll still listen, but usually kindly decline! The other thing you learn about these people is they are slightly crazy. A lot of them are kind of hoarders, and have had drug problems in the past. But that doesn’t really change who they are now. In fact I believe it helps with their testimony and everything! They're all so nice to us and I haven’t even met them all. We are teaching some awesome people though. And Jim is our first to get baptized with us!!!! ON SATURDAY!!! AND we have about 5 others with dates to get baptized! Jim has had such a hard life and I’m so happy to see this makes him smile and proud of what he is now! He almost killed himself the night the missionaries met him. He definitely deserves this! So if you could pray for him and our newest investigator Jessi, who has 3 months to live cause of lung cancer, that would be appreciated!!:)

I have so many stories I wish I could tell right now, but being a missionary is crazy work. I PROMISE I will get around to the best ones in the upcoming emails! This is just a quick email saying I’m happy to be out, and things are going awesome! Thanks for all the love and support! I Love You All!!! (P.S. I made a new pet. a banana spider the size of my hand) he lives on my apartment).

Yes my bike is here safely and I get one week of riding it and a week of car we share with the other elders…Who are AWESOME!!  I’m getting more used to being out here and it’s been fun and interesting! Sorry this is odd. I just have a ton to do...missionary life is CRAZY!!.. Even on p-days BUT I will be able to respond next Monday FOR SURE!! I just want to get out of my first transfer. So I don’t feel so new, and I’m not viewed as the "greenie" it makes everything even harder. BUT it OK I’m doing well and can’t wait to see what’s to come!
I Love You all so much too and can’t wait to hear back from you guys! Let everyone in the fam know! Miss You!

Always know that hard times come, trials come, pain comes, but shortly after blessing come. When much is required much is given back.

I love and miss you! Talk to you next Monday!

-Elder Olson

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