Monday, February 29, 2016

The Miracles Continue!!

Soaking Up The Sun!!

Me and Elder Davis!!

Hey everyone, how was the week?!  We had a pretty solid week this week, with some AMAZING experiences that I'll bring up later in the email. We started out the week again so an exchange and I spent my time in Lake Placid with Elder Goff. He's a pretty solid missionary for only being out like 8 months. We had a good time and although a lot of the appointments fell through, we were able to help some people out, and give some blessings! So that was pretty sweet. Nothing too exciting happened that I can recall...but I'm not's been a long week! We did get to go to the local raceway today and see some practice runs, which was awesome, cause well...that's what Sebring is known for, it's raceway! It was cool. (see pic below)

Mostly, it was just another week full of appointment after appointment, which isn't bad by any means, but it just totally makes emails pretty lame. But we were able to see lots of success, like last night. Sunday night Jay and Amy have their kids come over and have some family time. We really have connected with their soon to be Son-in-law.. So hopefully we will be able to be teaching him soon. Plus he's really into large-mouth bass fishing, and said when I come back I can go out and fish with him!!

Sadly, this week we had lots of people either drop us, or stop progressing and so we had to drop some as well!! It was kind of a bummer and we basically lost contact with Melody this week too. She hasn't been answering her phone or door and it's kinda stressful, but no worries!!
We had some Tornado warnings come through our area, and our mission
president even texted us telling us to be safe and keep an eye out! But all we got was some rain and wind and nothing too wild sadly...but gladly! hahah! And now the weather has really started to get's again almost. We helped a few nonmember friends we have out here (Deb & Ann) unload their U-haul trailer again. If you remember we packed that sucker up a few weeks ago at the flea market, the flea market is open they called the professional movers...(the elders) to come help!

But overall, the most exciting thing that happened this week was on another
exchange. I stayed in Sebring with Elder Smith, and we had probably one of the most solid lessons on my mission!! We were teaching Dave and before the lesson he really opened up to us, telling us a lot about his previous situation. And for confidentiality reasons, I'm not going to say much, but I will say he had some troubles in the past.
Saturday morning as I was praying to know what to teach him. We had originally set to teach him about the Priesthood, but I had a strong and distinct impression to show a bible video about Christ's Apostle Peter walking on the water towards Christ, and read Matthew 14 of that account. Little did I know that it would have the impact that it did. Apparently many years ago in Dave's life he was struggling. He read that specific chapter and it applied to his life more than any other scripture and that scripture actually made him take some actions that changed his life years ago. So after I shared the lesson and read he said "How did you know to share that?" Simply enough it was God, prompting me by the Spirit that this was EXACTLY what Dave needed that day. It was awesome!!! I totally left like.. A lot of details out, so maybe after my mission I can say just a little more about it. But for now, I KNOW that was a miracle sent from God, and that he truly answered prayers. Dave also  mentioned that of all the lessons he's ever had, this one will always be remembered. I'm privileged to be apart of being a messenger for something that helped changed someone's life! I'm blessed to have received that answer from God. It's just living proof to me that God really does answer prayers! He is always mindful of the things we need and that they may be answered through the efforts of other people!

But that was the week! Thanks for all the love and support everyone! Y'all are amazing! I hope you all have a bright and great week ahead of you! Love and miss you all!!

-Elder A. Olson

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