Monday, February 1, 2016


I'm Headed to Clown College!!

Hey everyone!! It's been a pretty busy, but rather uneventful week... But we still were able to have a good week with our investigators and all the exchanges that happened! So like mentioned last week, I had an exchange with Elder Harrison down here in Sebring. It was a pretty solid day filled with appointments and service. THEN we had ANOTHER exchange Saturday, and that time I was in Lake Placid with Elder Goff. We had a blast. and we were able to see lots of miracles as the day went on!

We came in contact with this family and we were invited in to talk with them. They have faith in Christ, but it was interesting because their knowledge of the Gospel was fairly limited. They haven't read the Bible, and really have never attended a church.. So it was super awesome to teach them, and talk to them about the Bible and the restoration of the church! It really hit them and the Spirit was so strong! It was awesome to see the excitement as we presented the blessings we receive from our Savior Jesus Christ!! That we can progress in this life and be able to receive that mercy and forgiveness. And that we will be resurrected, and ultimately have the opportunity to live together in eternal families with our Father in Heaven!!

Also, on our exchange in Lake Placid we found a clown college, was super wild!! But other than that, nothing too crazy happened this week. We have been working with one of our new investigators a lot lately. Her name is Melody and she is super cool and definitely ready for baptism!! She is still in the process of praying to know its right. She feels it is, but she wants to be sure. So it's cool to see her really open up because she used to be super shy. She is progressing very well!

Last week I talked about the coolest couple in this area, Jay and Amy. We got to hang with them some more too, and do a little more service with them!! They also gave some AMAZING talks on Sunday about Faith and Obedience. It's so funny though, being around them is crazy because they're in their 40's but honestly they both act like they are 27!! It's super funny to see how wild they are! Elder Davis and I love them! We've become their new children!

Me with Jay and Amy!!
Anyway, it's super crazy to think that it's February, and well...79 degrees outside on top of that hahah! Time is sure flying! Sorry this email is a little on the short lame side of things and I'll try and spice things up this week for the next email!! It's week 6 of the transfer, although we will most likely both stay!

I just got a quick scripture for my thought today. It's Psalms 31:24. "Be of good courage, and he shall strengthen your heart, all ye that hope in the Lord." We need to continue to keep Christ at the center of our focus even when the road gets rough. If we continue to rely on Him, Stand by Him, Follow Him, and Serve Him, He will strengthen us in our trials and tribulations. He will be there as a constant friend to help us through the hard times and he will always be there for us as we stay true and faithful to Him!

I love and miss you all, and hope y'all have a safe and fun week ahead of ya!! Thanks for all you guys do! I'm praying for ya! Also if you could pray for Sharon (Nana) she just received a heart transplant.. Thanks!:)

-Elder A. Olson

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