Monday, March 7, 2016


Hello everyone!! We had a pretty good week this week, I mean, like usual. We just taught a TON of lessons this week, and definitely saw some more blessings! With some of our investigators dropping, we were needing new people to teach, and well... The Lord definitely provided us with some! I'll tell y'all about them in a second!

We did some service for a non-member friend of our here in Sebring. His health is very poor, so we like going over weekly to help him out! This week's adventure was scraping all the dead leaves, pine needles, and other garbage out of his gutters and off of his tin roof! So that was pretty cool! While doing service, we received a phone call from a member, who said that another lady, Susie, who we helped move stuff about a month a go, was having a hard time and she wanted to meet with us! The first time we met, she wasn't interested. But because we helped her and more crazy things happened, she was now open to the Gospel! We had an awesome lesson with her. Seriously, our lesson focused on the Atonement of Jesus Christ. She has been raised Christian but no one has ever told her much about the Atonement. In her situation, she has been feeling really down on herself and lonely. As we taught her she said, "I never knew, no one ever told me that I'm not alone. That Christ has felt what I'm feeling. It's reassuring to know I'm not going through this trial alone!"  We also took another member to that lesson that really connected and helped out a lot! So we picked her up as a new investigator and we will see what happens there! She is super awesome though, so we hope it all works out!

We had another member call us and say that she had a few people for us to teach! One is named Katie and she is actually living with the member because she was going to be homeless, so we started teaching her! Then that same member also gave us her friend Levi's information, who is super awesome! We've been working with him all week. He expressed he wants to be baptized so he can clean up his life and better his kids situations. He just wants to learn some more before hand!! He's going through a pretty rough time right now, and so we have focused a lot on the Atonement and the restoration of the gospel. He really enjoys our visits and we are happy to see his progress!

This week we also had the blessing of going to the Orlando Temple!!! It's such a long drive for us, and we had to be there by 6:30, so our mission president allowed us to drive up the night before and stay with the mission president's assistants! They are both super awesome missionaries, and so we had a pretty good time there. Then that morning, we got up and got to go to the temple and do a session! It always amazes me the Spirit that can be felt there, and how while at the temple all feelings of inadequacy and imperfection begin to fade away! It was such a great experience and I always love going and attending the temple! Also funny temple story.. Saturday we went out and visited our friends at the Flea Market, just to check in on em! And while there we were looking at Deb&Anns stuff (the ladies we helped move a few times) we saw SLC Temple Coasters! (Picture below) We asked them if they knew what it was and they had no clue, but they just thought it was pretty! HAHA! So we got to explain and teach a little about that! Then they gave us one each!

SLC Temple Coasters!!
I think as we get closer to Easter we should definitely focus on the ministry, crucifixion, death, and resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ. And that it is only by and through Him that we too can be resurrected one day. We have been blessed with that opportunity of eternal life and we should focus on the love that our Savior must of had for us individually to go through the burdens of the world. He experienced the pain, the loneliness, and all so that eventually, we can make it to a Father in Heaven once more! So here is a link to a pretty good talk about it if you wanna watch! If not, no worries! Thanks for all y'all do. I love and miss you guys!

-Elder A. Olson 


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