Tuesday, November 4, 2014

20 Lessons, Miracles, Transfers and Halloween.

Hi There! I'm not sure if this week could have gone any better! There were so many miracles placed before us this week. It really just set the perfect way to end this transfer. The last week (week 6) of ANY transfer is always so hard for some reason, but this week was just great! 

First off we started this week out with a district wide goal of 20 lessons this week.  That's about 6 more than we are used to. The crazy thing is, ALL of the companionships made that goal!!! In the process of trying to get so many lessons, we came to the quick conclusion that if we get to that goal, all of our other numbers go up as well!  So basically this week we had a lots of lessons, lots of street contacts, met some great people and got a SOLID new investigator that goes to Stetson named Lezs (Lesh).  He already loves the Book of Mormon!

Also this week we received the transfer call! I am still in DeLand!!! YAY!.. And Elder Cooper is leaving.  It's kind of a sad moment. Although he was a pain at times, we really did get along well and had some good times!! I just hope my next companion is awesome!! Guess I'll find out! But this time I should only have a companion for like 6 weeks at a time, instead of 12. I'm just SOO glad I'm finally done with the 12 week training!

I had exchanges this week with the Elder I took to the hospital up on Daytona Beach!  I met the famous mission wide member everyone calls "grandpa" because he just takes care of all the missionaries. And he is HILARIOUS! It was SWEET! Elder Cushing in my district is DONE. He flies back to Vernal, UT on Wednesday! Man. Crazy!

We definitely saw the miracles from this week though, especially getting those 20 lessons. We set baptismal dates with a few of our investigators, ones we've been working with for 12+ weeks basically!! YAY! We set a day with Shirley, and also with Trina and Willie. Here's a cool little overview of that invitation. Two weeks ago we promised Trina and Willie that if they prayed with a sincere heart, asking for the help to quit smoking, attending church, and reading their scriptures daily, they would not have the desire to smoke anymore and they would be able to quit by November 1st. As of that exact day we set this goal, they haven't smoked!  They threw out all traces of that addiction and never want to turn back! That's all that's keeping them from baptism so they're trying the best they can to not go back!!! :)

It's been great and now it's just going to be weird being the companion that knows everyone and the area better than the other.  Although I won't be senior companion, I'll be the one in charge because I know the area.  Also just a weird added note, our district is getting a tri-companionship apparently?! That will be interesting.

The past few nights the temperature has been going down to the low 50's!!!  Now that I'm used to the Florida’s hot weather, it feels pretty chilly!...But it is MUCH better than the heat.:)  Still there are no leaves changing colors. I guess that won't even happen so I won't get my hopes up. But anywho...Halloween was pretty fun I guess. It felt just like a normal proselyting day…and it was! We just taught some lessons and ate at a member’s house and watched all the kids trick or treat! It's weird that I can remember last year’s Halloween so clearly that it doesn't feel like it was a year ago. How was everyone's Halloween?!

I've shared this scripture a few times this week with people. It's pretty awesome

Mosiah 7:33 But if ye will turn to the Lord with full purpose of heart, and put your trust in Him, and serve Him with all diligence of mind, if ye do this, He will, according to His own will and pleasure, deliver you out of bondage. 

He will do everything he can to help us out. This week was a shining example. We turned to the Lord for all of our teaching, preparation and finding. We wanted to serve those around us. This mission is not about us, but it's about helping those around us. No matter who, whether it’s ward members, family, investigators or random people. If we turn to our Heavenly Father, no matter what we’re facing. great or small, we will be freed from any "bondage" and anything holding us back from what we could become.

Sorry there's no crazy stories..I'll try harder to find some adventure with my new comp. J  I hope all of you are having a GREAT week! Thanks for all you do for me! I appreciate all the support and prayers! You guys are the best! Love and miss you all!!:)


-Elder Olson 

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