Monday, May 30, 2016

Seeing The Fruits of Our Labors

Hey guys! We had a pretty awesome week this week, so I hope you did as well! This week started out pretty crazy with our Zone Conference. We had to get up at 4 a.m and we had to make the long trek all the way to Vero Beach, in order to be there by 7. So not only was the morning long, but that meeting lasted until about 6 p.m. or so! It was a super solid meeting and sadly it was President Berry's final ZC so he said his farewell and how much he has loved it here, serving with, for, and beside us! Also something cool happened while there. We had a senior couple come to our apartment the night before to install something, and during out meeting we got a shout-out from the mission leadership because apparently we have the cleanest apartment that they've seen in over a year! WOOHOO! So that was cool, cause well.. Awkward fact about it is that we didn't bother to clean up but just pick our stuff up after we use it. Simple as that. I didn't think I was THAT clean though and either I'm cleaner than I thought or the rest of the mission are just slobs. hahah!

We were able to see some miracles though!!! We have been doing a TON of finding, and well.. When you go knocking it's cool because that's where you can see and witness how the Spirit guides you to the right people. Elder Creer and I decided to go knocking, and I just drove down a cool looking street, parked on a random side street and we knocked that area. But the street I ended up picking at random was a solid one. They were SUPER nice people and all of the doors ended up being positive, although not everyone was interested. It was hot and I was tired and I didn't want to knock on this particular door. But we did anyway and BAM!!... Joe. He is a SUPER awesome guy, and was so nice! Honestly he seemed interested in learning more after we taught a little! So we have set a rough return appointment and we will see how things go!

We have continued to work with Neil and a few others. A lot aren't progressing though, which is rough cause we can't always keep working with some of them if they deny the change. To choose Christ is to choose change. So we are going to see how they pan out. Neil, on the other hand, is doing well, although not progressing much and now has some problems to work through. But all is well!!

We weren't able to go to the temple this week, sadly. The recent converts cancelled last minute, but no worries. We have plans to go later, early June sometime to see it. Ashanti won't be there, since she moved out for the summer, but it will be a worthwhile trip regardless!

We had a combined Sebring and Lake Placid BBQ at a members home. It was another "bring a friend" thing, so that was great with lots of food, lots of laughs, and met some cool non-members! (All of which are in Sebring) but it's all alright! It was a good time! It makes me excited to do some fun outdoorsy things when I get back to Utah!

I have a quote from Paul H Dunn: I've changed a few words here and
there so it's directed to everyone, not just the men he was speaking

"In life you will stumble a time or two. That is a part of the growing process. The lives of many great people will testify to you that ofttimes they have many failures, and there is no disgrace in falling down; the disgrace is lying there. To get up one more time than you fall is to be a winner. To stay down is to be a loser. Never let fear, discouragement or disappointment keep you down! Get up once more and you'll win, stay down and you'll lose. It's one thing to be born with the ability to succeed, it's another to discipline it and control it, so that you WILL succeed."

Love and miss you guys, have a GREAT week!!

-Elder A. Olson

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