Monday, April 20, 2015

Kedecia's Baptism, Transfers, My Friend Puc and Crazy Ocoee/Pine Hills Happenings!

This was an exciting week to say the least! A lot has happened so I'm hoping I don't forget any of it in the email. haha! Well...the highlight of the week was definitely Kedecia's Baptism! Thankfully, everything went smoothly and it all worked out on such short notice! It was such a blast though!! She really enjoyed it and felt how sacred it truly is! And yes I was able to baptize her!

Me, Elder Walker and Kedecia
We were also able to take Desiree on a temple tour this last week, and along with that, we set a baptismal date for her as well! It's currently for May 9th, but it'll probably be changed for a later date in May! 

Also.....transfer doctrine finally came in late Saturday.. And.... I am staying ANOTHER transfer in Ocoee. I'll be in this area for at least 6 months of my mission by the time I leave! And yes, I'm doing another 6 weeks with Elder Walker. Yup! It'll be interesting!

But it's definitely been an interesting week to say the least! I turned a cup inside out and named him PUC. He was awesome and my best friend! And could still hold water! We also ran into some "Isnats" this week on the street. They tried to have a verbal fight with us, because in their beliefs no one Caucasian is 'saved'. So it was kind of weird, and seriously went nowhere! But it was a fun story to share. We also had some young girls pull up next to us at a stoplight, and ask if we were high. I guess when there are white people in Pine Hills, they're always high hahah! But yes, those girls were definitely high too!

We were able to find an awesome small family this week! I had an impression to go knock on a random set of apartment doors, which in especially rare in Ocoee for sure. I've never truly knocked on doors here! But the third door was AMAZING! We asked if we could pray with them, after they invited us in! They were super awesome, so hopefully we can make it back this week!

I was totally expecting to get transferred though. Doing three transfers with someone is rare. But whatever, that pretty much sums up my week!  Sorry for the extra short email! Week 6 is rough and we basically just planned for the baptism and transfers this week.

I love and miss you all and hope you have a GREAT week!!:) Thanks for
all you do! Talk to you all soon!

-Elder A. Olson

A little tree work

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