Monday, April 6, 2015

General Conference and Port Au Prince, Haiti Temple Announcement!

Well another successful week down in Ocoee!  This was definitely a busy week with General Conference this week! I hope you all had a awesome EASTER and General conference weekend, and enjoyed hearing from the prophet and leaders of this church!  It was so inspiring to be able to hear those precious words and it really made those hard times worth the wait! Every 6 months is killer! I always wish it could come sooner!

But there were some amazing things in it! Although the satellite transmission in our chapel was terrible at first, it eventually got fixed. So I did miss most of the first session Saturday.  BUT we also saw and heard some amazing talks none the less, and the announcement of a new temple in Port au Prince, Haiti is AMAZING and Especially being in Ocoee where most of the population IS Haitian! It really makes me love this area to see how excited they were to finally be receiving a temple where they all were raised!

We had a guy come to our chapel for conference. None of us knew him and he just came with someone. He was very touched by the words spoken! In fact, at one point, he was basically crying hysterically! We were also able to get some of our investigators there as well and for the most part, they LOVED it! They were kind of sad that they didn't get to hear President Monson talk, but were touched and had a good time either way. We told them we would show them the talks when they come out.

Overall, I REALLY enjoyed it! And with it being the second one while on my mission, it made me happy that I still have more to look forward to! I noticed A LOT had to do with Family, relationships, and the roles we should take in marriage! It was pretty cool and it really stands out just how important it all truly is. I'm grateful for my family and friends! They truly make life SO MUCH EASIER!!!

There was also a section of a talk that I liked and I hope I have the chance to go through and re-watch them soon! But this really stood out and it's such a simple question, yet it means a whole lot. "Is the gospel still wonderful to you? Never tire of rediscovering the gospel, there is always something new to learn and feel, always seek the companionship of the Holy Ghost"
-Gérald Caussé
Sleeping dude in the back during conference

Sadly, Kedecia has decided to wait for her baptism and so that is a little bit of sad news. Anyway, I hope you all had a wonderful Easter!!! Sorry this email is basically all about General Conference but that was honestly the highlight of my week and I hope yours as well (along with spending time with family!)  I love, appreciate and miss you all! Have a wonderful week! 

-Elder A. Olson

Beautiful Orlando Temple at night!

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