Monday, January 26, 2015

Transfers!! Yup, I'm staying in Ocoee! I love exclamation marks!!!

  Life as a Missionary.....

Elder Davis and I with our normal faces....and extra chins :)

MAN!!... This week was one to remember, honestly! Week six of the transfer is ALWAYS different and numbers are always lower for some reason. But even though we knew Elder Davis was leaving Ocoee, we had an awesome week! We picked up a few new people to teach and they are AMAZING! We have a girl, Kedicia, we are teaching that we've only met with once.  I'm suspecting she will be baptized this upcoming transfer! Also, Jessica has set a new date to be baptized, that will be February 21st

Overall, this week was pretty awesome!! We've been spending a lot of time with a few really cool recent converts. Their names are Enoc and Junior and they are both flipping sweet and help the missionaries SO much!  Plus, now that this Ward knows I'm one of the 2 missionaries staying in this area, they're treating me much better!! It's been nice… FINALLY!!!

Here we are "Hymn Caroling" with Enoc and other missionaries!

We also had Interviews with President Berry this week, so that was awesome! We only get those like every 3 months basically.  It was pretty cool to catch up with him and get some advice and help!! President is awesome and I'm thankful for that opportunity. It's been awesome so far and later this week I actually hit my SIX month mark!!!  I can’t believe it!!

Sorry this email is so short. Nothing much new because well...this week was just full of interviews, visiting members, and getting Elder Davis packed up and ready to go, sadly!! It's been such a sweet transfer especially with someone I can relate to so closely!!! I'm slightly nervous to get my new companion.  In the interview, President Berry said my new companion might be apprehensive about coming to I guess I will see how that goes! Let's hope for the best!! YAY!! Also, I heard that my area might be going full bike….or we will have a weird car share..I don’t know yet but will let you know!!

I'm thankful for all the help and support I get from back home. You guys are the absolute BEST! I love and miss you ALL! I hope you all have a great week.  You're in my prayers and thoughts! Keep up the good work and keep moving forward!

--Elder A. Olson

Loving my Moo Moo Mac & Cheese shirt/dress

District Missionaries!!

Random Picture :)

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