Monday, January 19, 2015

High's and Lows of Missionary Service, Temple Session, New Friends from Utah and President Visit

Elder Olson, Elder Davis with Mark & Mariah Bailey, from Syracuse, UT. They happened to be on business and attended our Sacrament meeting!

Well it’s been another adventurous week of highs and lows. I would say this has been one of the roughest weeks so far.  Thankfully, there were some very rewarding things that happened as well!  We had another week of teaching 25 lessons and again President Berry called us to congratulate us on a great week! That makes it rewarding to know our work is being noticed and I hope that the numbers continue. Friday we had the opportunity to go and attend a session at the Florida, Orlando Temple. It was such an amazing experience and was so awesome!  The Spirit you feel in the Temple is absolutely unmistakable! It is so strong and is always a privilege to attend there and work on the grounds once a week!  Sadly, attending the temple for a session only happens four times on your entire mission.

 There is always so much drama going on between ward members in Ocoee and it seemed to really take a toll on me this week. It’s difficult because members try to drag the missionaries into the middle of everything. The best thing about being around the drama and seeing what it can do to people is that it really makes me want to be the best I can be. It has also taught me that I should let NO ONE disrupt my mission. This is my mission for me, the Lord and more specifically the people I am out here to serve. I want it to be the best and so it should be.

But fortunately and unfortunately I feel like I'm staying in Ocoee for another transfer. Maybe it’s for the best, but I just still haven't been able to connect with this area or the people very much. We don't find out for sure about transfers until this Saturday so...we will see!  I’ll continue to do my best, but it’s been a different transfer, this one….

Anyway, we have still been working with Jessica. She's progressing, but she wants her baptism on her own time and so we have to respect that!! We have also had some investigators drop off as well. We did have an awesome experience at church last Sunday. President Berry came to our services and met our investigators. We also got to meet and talk with a family that was here visiting from Utah! They knew the cities we lived in and they were WAY awesome and fun to hang around for the day!! Then they got a group picture of us and texted them to our parents haha! Overall a fun time!

On a crazy note, someone was shot and killed in the parking lot of a store our investigator Edwina works in (she owns her own little shop) and where we teach her! So yup...that was awesome news to hear…I guess?

Anyway, I encourage you ALL to either go walk the grounds of a temple, or go inside and do some temple work if you are able to do so! The feelings you get and the blessings you receive at the temple are far beyond anything! It’s amazing and the Spirit felt there is great!

Also, I have a quote from President Gordon B. Hinckley that I would like to share...

"I know that God will give liberally to him that asketh., therefore I will lift up my voice unto thee"  -2 Nephi 4:35 

"Get on your knees and thank God for His goodness to you and express unto Him the righteous desires of your hearts. He hears, He responds, He answers. Not always as we could wish He would, but there is no question in my mind that He answers"

I love and appreciate all you guys do for me. I miss and greatly love each and every one of you!! Have an AMAZING week!

--Elder A. Olson

Florida, Orlando Temple

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