Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Christmas IS Coming, Attempted Weed-Eater Attack & Hugs, Transfers This Week, and HE IS THE GIFT!!

Getting in the Holiday Spirit!!

Hi All!

It is so weird to think that it's December! Even though there is no snow and it's unusually warm and I'm not with my family and friends AND not many people decorate here, I can tell Christmas is coming and I'm SOOO excited! And although Christmas doesn’t seem the same out here, I only have two opportunities to be in Florida during the holidays, so might as well make the most of it right?! 

This week was quite unusual. We couldn't bike much because Elder Cotton’s knee is still in pain. He is off his crutches but it's still rough. And oddly enough, my neck was bugging me all week! But isn't too bad now.

I had exchanges again this week with our Zone Leaders. So I went up to Daytona with Elder Cooper hahah! (My first companion/trainer) We met some people who are...insane!! This one guy threatened us with his weed-eater but then shook our hands REALLY hard and talked for a while. He said he wanted to meet and then sat down on the ground and made us give him a hug. It was possibly the weirdest street contact I've EVER had. It was quite the adventure up there though!!:)

Transfers are coming up soon!  I find out Saturday if I leave DeLand or not...In a way I want to, because I want to go out and experience a new place.  However, I've spent enough time here and it's become like home. I know the area really well and the ward members really well so I don't want to leave for that reason. hahah!

I do want to apologize for this shorter email. We have less time today than we thought we would. So I'll get as much into it as I can. Also, sorry to those I haven't written back quite yet! It's been hectic!! I'm in the process of writing them now! I'll get them out ASAP! But I also want to say THANK YOU! This week had some AMAZING emails that I know are going to make not only this week, but this holiday season so much easier, even though I am away. I love you all and am happy I get to talk to you! So thanks again!

There's a new initiative that the church has set out for missionaries and everyone. Us as missionaries have been sharing it since November 28th and I believe it is very important in bringing people closer to Christ! It's called "He is The Gift" and if you haven't seen it or heard of it, I encourage you to go to Christmas.Mormon.org and check it out. 

It really puts into perspective what Christmas has become and what the true meaning is. It's really special and hits me every time! Everyone can relate to Christmas and we all can focus on what it's true meaning is, which is the birth of the most important man who walked on this earth, our Savior. Of ALL the days we have in a year, this is the one that should be the most focused on HIM I believe! We actually even picked up a new investigator just by that video! She LOVED it and recognized what Christmas has become and what it really should be. So miracles can happen!! It's really neat!:)

Overall, it hasn’t been a bad week! We were able watched the Christmas Devotional last night! But other than that, there is nothing else really exciting to tell you. I feel like I have another story to share....but my brain isn't working to well right now haha! I can't remember! Anyway, thank you ALL so much for the emails, letters, and just reading my updates! It means so much! I'm great fun for all of you and the example you are to me and also for the amazing work YOU do! I love and miss you all!

-Elder A. Olson

Missionary Selfie!!!

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