Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy 2016!!

Me and the Gilger Family!!

First off... HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope the beginning of your 2016 has been as eventful as ours has here in the Florida Orlando Mission! This week has been a little on the unusual side. As I mentioned last week, I received a special assignment in the mission and it's still a pretty confusing situation. However, the week started off at transfers! We had to drive down to transfer meeting to pick up the Elder that would be in our companionship. Then once I leave, he will remain as Elder Anderson's companion. His names Elder Bravo, he's a really good missionary! And he is a Spanish speaker, which is something that is definitely needed in this ward! So it's been really interesting having him here with us.

Last week I was also told that I would be moving to the new area in around 10 days after transfers. BUT I guess they decided to move it closer, because I will be moving to the new area tomorrow morning!  I have to meet at the mission office bright and early, and will be driving the 2 hours with my new companion to our new area! After getting settled in, we were given the instructions to go meet the bishop of the ward we will be serving, and go visit the possible investigators and less actives that were previously being visited. So normally when this happens in missions, where they withdraw both missionaries and put two new ones, it's called a white wash! 

From the limited details I've received so far, we are gaining more area in our mission boundaries! We are apparently acquiring some of the Fort Lauderdale mission. And apparently it is A TON of area. Like...3 ZONES is one district in this new area. Sadly that's about all I know so far, except Elder Davis will be in the district!! So it'll be pretty cool to basically be serving out of the regular mission boundaries. Let's just say I was told that if I thought Sumterville was desolate, that will change soon. hahaha!

Other than that, it's just been a week of missionary work. We found a solid new investigator. Her husband is a member, but less active and they are both extremely interested in coming back/coming to church!  Also, it's been a busy week full of packing, saying my goodbyes, and yeah..that's about it! I'm just excited for tomorrow and to see how this new adventure goes! And I'm assuming that this might be my last area....maybe one more, but I'm not sure.

Anyway, thanks for everything. I love and miss you all! And I hope you have a great start to your new year! Thanks for the prayers and support! Sorry this is a rather short email. We have been caught up still packing, and shopping, and I don't have too much time!

-Elder A. Olson

 PS: picture includes me and the best family in Melbourne, the Gilgers, and their awesome baby named Danger.

Happy New Year!

Danger Gilger at the pulpit!!

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