Monday, December 21, 2015


First off, I might as well say Merry Christmas!! I'm super excited for this Christmas and it has already been pretty awesome. Just the events and spirit that has been leading up to it has been great!! We have some amazing members really taking care of us this upcoming holiday. They have signed up for multiple meals, and have offered their homes for our calls home. They've been really supportive and no matter what it'll be a great Christmas!

This week was pretty wild and it actually started off on the beach again. The day after our beach p-day, we had lunch with a lady in our ward who's backyard is the beach. hahaha! We didn't touch the sand but we could see the ocean! Then we had a dinner with a super cool family, the Holmquists. They have a tradition that you have to sneak a picture of you and your comp in one of their frames, without them noticing, or you become a "forgotten" missionary!! And well, all I can say is SUCCESS! They said we had the second best strategy of any missionaries!! The mom left to go get one of their daughters, and we "forgot" our iPad in the car, well...I stole the frame and put it in while I was by the car and hung it back in the wall when I came back inside!

The weather here has been outrageously warm! It's still crazy to think that it's December and yet the temperatures have been in the high 70's and low 80's...super different than last year. But hey, it'll be quite the experience to come back to a cold Utah winter next time around!! I've heard that Utah is getting down pretty close to zero lately? My yahoo weather even says that it'll be getting into the negatives!?

Anyway, just a few random things that happened this week: We helped paint a non-member's house, so that was a ball!! And we had another exchange. I stayed in Melbourne with our District leader, Elder Olsen, so that was pretty crazy! We confused a lot of people with that one hahaha! We had them thinking we were brothers! We also had the annual Missionary Christmas Devotional!! ALL of the missionaries were there in attendance. It was really neat to see all of them there, and get to talk to the old buds! It was super awesome though! WOOO! So I got a few pics with the missionaries going home next week that I've served around. (Elder Cortez, and my old comp Elder Cotton).

I don't have much of a spiritual thought today but I just hope we continue to
remember the true reason for this season and how it should represent life. Not only that we celebrate the birth of our Savior but His life and ministry..And the life that it brings to us along with the blessings that He brings as well. Let the lights of this holiday season remind us of Him who is the source of all light.

MERRY CHRISTMAS AGAIN! I hope you have an amazing Christmas and its
full of rejoicing, love, and family! I love and miss you all!

-Elder A. Olson 

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